Monthly Archives: December 2010

My Writing and a Better Understanding


Being raised in a dysfunctional home, I used reading as an escape mechanism, and it worked to, most of the time.  I could crawl on the bed,  go into a different time and place.  I could even be a different person if I wanted.  I truly came to love books.  I have books that are worn and tattered and not worth five cents but I can’t part with them.  Enough of that.

I am fairly new at writing.  I started my book “The Tower” in March and it was published in November.  I can say it was a learning experience from the start.  I continue to learn all the time, from other people, who have published, or those trying to publish.  I guess the bottom line is, I am always learning and hopefully improving my craft.

I want my blog to be someplace that I can go to and write what I feel. Hopefully have some meaningful discussion on writing and everything it entails.  This is a new world for me, and I am jumping into it with both feet.