Let’s talk Healthcare….


First of all, let me tell you I am not political.  I don’t want to fight over whether I am republican or democrat, or independent.  I will say, at least someone is trying to fix a very broken system, and I applaud that effort.  I am an RN and have been so, for almost 32 years now.  I have watched healthcare in this country go down the drain because of the climbing prices and cuts in staffing.  We have gone from a hospital system being run by doctors, nurses, ect. to hospitals run by the insurance companies.

As a nurse, who was supposed to be caring for the patents, I got to empty trash and mop floors because there was no staff.  I watched as the paperwork became the most important thing, instead of the people.  You have to have the paper work in and done just right so the insurance companies can pay.  You have to have the paperwork completed just right so Medicaid or Medicare can pay.  It is always more and more for less and less.  You would have so many patients you couldn’t take care of them well, because you didn’t have time.  There have been cuts in nursing, even though there is a shortage of nurses.  Patient care suffers.  Anyone in my family who goes to the hospital, has someone with them 24/7 in order to be sure care is provided as it should be.

I listen to people screaming about Obama Health care Reform.  As I said in the beginning, Hooray for him.  At least he is trying to do something to help the poor and middle class citizens of this country, who can’t afford health care insurance.  This issue is very complicated and affects every person in this country.  It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor.  You will be touched.

I can see good things when a person can take themselves or a child to the doctor and get what they need.  A mother or father being told their child is going to die because the Insurance company will not approve a surgery.  The insurance company dropping someone who has cancer because they have spent too much all ready.  My son calls me a socialist because I want everyone to be able to get the healthcare they need.  Not just the people who have money or the good insurance.

I am proud of the doctors and nurses of our country who work so hard to care for the people but can’t do what needs to be done because of the control of money. They work and do what can be done, not for the hospital or the insurance company but for the people.  They push for reform.

Let me know your thoughts on healthcare.  It is an interesting topic.

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