Heaven Is For Real


This is day #4 and I just heard the most interesting interview from a four-year old boy who had emergency surgery and while on the operating table, went to heaven, met his miscarried sister, great-grandfather and came back to his body.  I read the reviews that were written after the interview and it really took me by surprise.  You had people saying there is no heaven yet because Jesus has not come back to earth, the little boy just lied, he is satanic, because only the saved can go to heaven.

The father and son wrote a book called Heaven Is Real.  They both were talking very sincerely.  The boy looks to be about seven now.  He talked of Jesus, having a rough face and blue eyes.  He said God could hold the world in his hands.  I found the whole conversation intriguing.  The book is on Amazon.com along with many other books about leaving the body, going to heaven and then returning.

I for one am a believer of the out-of-body experience.  I also believe God can use anyone to spread his message, including a four-year old boy.  I will be reading the book and doing a review here on my blog at a later time, but right now I would like to know how many believe in an out of body experience and why.    I have added the video.  Let me know what you think.  That is my two cents for today.    

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  • I read your post with a great deal of interest. Recently, I’ve had conversations with people (Christians) who do not believe that Heaven exists yet. I’m not sure from where the belief comes.

    Personally, I’ve never had an out of body experience. I’ve read quite a few accounts and talked with at least one person about his experience. I do believe it happens. Mostly because the people who experience it stand firmly by what they say and because it seems that they are so profoundly affected afterward. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll look forward to returning and reading your review!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Simone. I find it facinating that as Christians we can all read the same bible, hear the same words, but come away with totally different beliefs. I talked with a neighbor of mine back in the 70’s who told me about having a heart attack and walking up a road to the light. He got to the top and a voice told him it wasn’t his time yet and he had to go back. The man was so sincere, and when he was telling me, I had chills over my body. I know he wasn’t faking it at all. I am a believer.

  • Kerry McElligott says:

    i am getting ready to read this book (for my book club). I look forward to it as I am a believer, although skeptical (not sure why). I think i am always looking for that one piece of real data that helps me to believe in the hereafter. I recently read “The Shack” and liked it up until i did some research and found out that it was fiction pretending to be a true story. I felt disappointed.

    Hope this book is different.


    • Hi Kerry, thanks for dropping by my blog. Just put your skeptism aside and enjoy the book. I also read the shack and enjoyed and was blessed by everyword I read. The way I see it, if it makes you feel good inside, it is a blessing. I hope you can drop by again.