Watch Out Las Vegas


This is day twelve of my daily blog.  Right at this pariticular time I am in Las Vegas.  At this moment I am sitting looking out my window onto the stip. The skies are bright and clear.  There is just a small amount of snow on the mountain peaks around the city.  The temperature is in the fifties.  It is normal dessert, warm during the day and cold at night.

When I was driving to the hotel where I am staying, I couldn’t believe how many different hotels there are here and that is not even counting the Hotel/Casinos.  The flashing signs for who is staring in what hotel is everywhere.  I think you could stay here two weeks and not see the same show twice.  This is definatley a facinating place and it attracks all kinds of people.

The strip was busy with people walking in and out of the casino’s.  The street was full of cars, cabs, and even a few limos.  Cars were honking with people waving out the windows to walkers on the sidewalk.

Las Vegas appears to be the meeting place for a lot of companies.  When I got to the baggage  pickup area, I counted ten people standing holding up signs with differnt company names of personal names written on them.  There were three people with signs for Chevrolet.  The person I was sitting by on the plane told me that Chevrolet is having a convention here in town.  I guess it will be fun and games for all. 

 From what I have been reading in the local paper, Las Vegas is having it’s problems.  It seems the housing sectors has really taken a hit here in Vegas.  The news is saying that the housing values have continued to be valued down over the past year.  This in turn has had an effect on the taxes that the county’s budget.  It seems housing has droped 60% since the mid 2000s’  The state of Neveda is having problems and the county is yelling that the state will balance thier budget on the backs of the county.  Don Burnette is the County Manager and he is reluctant to talk about specific cutbacks being contemplated, but he noted that over the past year Clark County has laid off more than 200 workers and another 1,400 positions are being held vacant. “All that’s really left by way of reducing costs is salaries and benefits, and people equal services,” he said. 

It doesn’t matter where you go in this country, there seems to be those budget woes.  That’s my two cents today.

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