The Thornbirds and Aging


I bet you are wondering how The Thornbirds relates to aging.  It is by association only and I will tell you how.  This morning I was reading a blog and it mentioned doing a blog on movies that we own.  One of my favorite movies is “The Thornbirds” with Barbara Stanwyck, and Richard Chamberlain.

Thinking about that movie, prompted me to remember the scene at the birthday party where Mary Carson is trying to get Father de Bricassart to kiss her.  Mary tells him her body may be seventy-five (just guessing) but in her mind she is still a young woman with all the same needs and desires.

I feel that one scene says so much about life and ageing, at least for me.  I am sixty-one years old and I feel the same way.  My brain still thinks, and feels like I am twenty-five but my body definitely says I’m sixty-one.  I am a lot smarter than I was a twenty-five (thank goodness), but nothing has been taken away from my mind.

When I was a young lady, working in long-term care, I would care for people, and ask myself what would be better, to lose your mind, and keep a fairly healthy body, or to lose the body and have a totally intact mind.  I have reached an age where I have made a decision.  I choose to keep a healthy mind.  I want to know what is going on around me or in other words I want to see life for as long as I can.  When my quality of life is gone, then take my brain so I don’t know anything.  Honestly, I want the good Lord to call me home before I get into that position.  unfortunately it is something we have no control over unless you choose suicide.  As far as I am concerned suicide is not an option.  Suicide is a copout on life.

Some people let their mind age out of choice.  They choose not to expand their knowledge about anything.  They want to sit in that rocker and wait to die (another copout).  My dad is eighty-five years old and he certainly doesn’t fit in that category.  He keeps up with politics and everything going on around him.  He still goes out and climbs on a tractor to take a round bale of hay to the cattle.  His body has lots of aches and pains but he keeps moving, and keeps his mind active.  If the good Lord lets me reach eighty-five, I hope he lets me do as well.

My question to you is; Do you want your mind or body to live the longest, if one has to go before the other?  That’s my two-cents for today.

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  • ldsrr91 says:

    Hard choices, no two ways about it. I would say a clear mind over a ravaged body, I don’t want to be simple-minded at the end.

    Do what you love … and love what it is that you do … In the end it all will work out just fine (at least that is what I am hoping for?).


  • kloppenmum says:

    Yep, me too: give me a clear mind any day. Although a healthy body for as long as possible too, thanks.

  • I think with a clear mind, you can fix the body…. well to a certain degree! You can find ways of dealing with your body.

    • Thank you for dropping by my blog. If you have your mind you can continue to made decisions about what to do about what is happening with your body. Sometimes the body gets in bad enough shape that it is time for everything to go. Being an RN I have seen some really sad cases. I am very much a proponent of quality over quanity.