It’s Insane, Why????


I am not a sports fan, period. I do not understand how someone could risk their life and the one’s they love to get here to Dallas for a game, Superbowl or not. I know everyone was so counting on the big bucks and some of those bucks disappeared due to the lousy weather.
In this time of poverty, and joblessness for many people across this country, why wouldn’t you invest those big bucks in the people. Paying $57,000 plus for a banner, in my opinion is insane.   I do have to say, when I read further it was a charity auction so I can’t rant too much about it.  Point being that people spend a lot of money for sport items that could be put to better use.  Why isn’t it?
As far as the roads, I guess they figured Jerry’s world was going to bring in the people and the money so we must keep those roads clear.  Don’t worry about the person who needed milk for the kids that wreck and ended up in the hospital because of icy city streets.
I know my opinion goes against the national grain, but I feel like we are only the christians in the arena.   I think I am a tad angry about all of this.  Why are the displayed values all about a game?  Why are millions spent on a game and not feeding children and providing homes for the poor?

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  • Doug says:

    Many of your points are valid. But I do think a little play in hard times is good for the struggle. Is it excessive…yes…like many things American. And could resources be allocated in better ways..of course.

    And interesting enough, there are plenty of homes, right now, available for the poor, but if you do that…place then in underwater homes…you depress the housing market another twenty percent..making more poor.


    ps..are you using the full editor or the html editor for your post?

  • I agree that people need to play in hard times. However, since I do live in the Dallas area, I find it it extremely hard to believe that NONE of our resources were diverted to the Stadium. That’s hogwash. I saw much less snow and ice removal in my neighborhood than in previous years. Gee I wonder where all the trucks were? Took my car to the dealership yesterday and all the side streets were lined with wreckers full of cars. Some people paid a high price to host this party in terms injuries and wrecks.

  • This is not just a little play. I can understand a little play, but what happens in this country and around the world is insane, in my eyese. It boils down to the recources of our nation are so wasted. Look at the salaries these guys are paid, from the coaches on. I am sure Joe Blow sitting on the sidelines all the time isn’t makeing millions upon millions but the majority of the top ranked players are.
    As far as the empty housing goes, why not put unhoused familes in some of those homes. They could possibly get on thier feet and purchase that home, even at reduced rates, it is better than empty.