Let’s Talk Sentences!


I decided I want to talk about sentences on today’s blog.  So what is a sentence?    I have always thought you had to have a noun and a verb to have a sentence.  You can make sentences simple or compound with multiple clauses.

During critiquing of writings, I have come across a list of words with periods after them.  When I see a period I think there should be a sentence in front of it not a single word.  I am not talking about the alphabet going down the page with a period after each letter.  An example would be a conversation between two people that goes like this:

“I have missed you.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“A lot.”    Is this a sentence?

Complete sentences have five parts to them. 1.) Capital letter   2.) Subject

3.)Predicate    4.) Complete thought  5.) Terminal Punctuation.

Everyone who writes knows the first letter of a sentence is Capitalized.

A predicate of a complete sentence is the action that is going on in the sentence. In other words, a verb shows action, a predicate is a how the verb is used in the sentence.

A sentence requires a complete thought.  It can’t stop midway.  An example would be The car drove.  To be a complete sentence the thought process as to be completed.  The care drove itself down the highway.

Terminal Punctuation:  What goes at the end of the sentence.  We have a number of those to choose from: periods, comas, question marks, ect.

Complete sentences help us  convey the message we want conveyed to our readers.  We all are in the habit of making little notes and calling it a sentence.  In this day of Twitter, short cuts are used to convey the twitter message.  I don’t believe the Twitter style of writing has helped in educating the young people of today, the importance of being able to write a complete sentence, but that’s another blog topic.

Video: Write Powerful, elegant sentences      http://youtu.be/HZAofDIkjjo

That’s my two-cents for today.

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  • Doug says:

    Are you on Twitter. To convey meaning in 140 charterers is a challenge.


  • I have to hold myself back from making long run on sentences with too many thoughts in them that only serve to dilute the point I’m trying to make which is that I like your post. 🙂 I heard recently that students in our area are being allowed to use txt spk in the classroom. Heard if from a cousin who teaches in Frisco, ISD.

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  • Jennifer O says:

    It’s difficult for me not to write rambling run on sentences. On the other hand, sometimes I write sentences that are one worders.


    I’ve seen it done a lot in novels as well. I guess it all has to do with finding your voice and being flexible. Who knows anymore what makes great fiction. There is nothing that odern classics all have in common…