Have School Officals Lost Thier Minds?



Image by delgrosso via Flickr

Today I’m taking a short break from writing help.  I want to post about a topic that has blown my mind.  I was reading through a national magazine and found where a thirteen year old female student in Virginia was suspended for having controlled substances in her locker.  Right now your going “Good for them. That will protect the other students from the drugs.” Am I wrong?

This particular student had a bottle of doctor prescribed antibiotics in her locker.  They were prescribed for her acne.  The school officials determined she had hidden the controlled substance in her locker and place other students in danger and staff at risk.  I’m wondering at this point, where did their brains go?  Have they ever had one.

There was another Virginia student is in the process of  suspension because of holding a bag of oregano.  I guess the school board can’t tell the difference between herbs and POT.  Has everyone gone insane with this zero tolerance.  This student is an honors student with a very bright future ahead of him.

If I was a parent in the school system, I would be livid if this happened to my child.  No one uses any common sense anymore.  What about the trauma and heartache to everyone concerned?  I’m not an advocate of law suits but I would seriously think about getting the state’s attention.  Since they don’t appear to use their brains anymore, maybe the justice system can make them see the light.  I’m angry and I don’t even live in the state, it can happen anywhere.  What are your thoughts?

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  1. Stuff like this ALWAYS makes me think, “What the heck were they thinking!?!?” I’ve considered just writing a blog about stuff like this — it’s so common these days — but I’m afraid my head would explode…. 🙂


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