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This is a Flash Non-fiction.  I’m not even sure there is such a thing.  All I have heard about is Fash Fiction.  This could be flash fiction but the problem is, it’s not fiction.  I do want to talk a little about Flash Fiction.  It is one of my favorites to write.

I use to worry about how long a flash fiction piece is supposed to be.  It took me awhile to figure out there is no set length.  I have seen anywhere under a thousand words to the hard to do fifty word story.

You have to start your story somewhere in the middle because you do not have room for elaboration.  You can’t start your story with Once upon a time in a far away land….  You have to be tight with your writing.

You also have to make it interesting enough to hold your reader’s attention.  The story has a beginning, middle and end.  It is done in few words.  You want the reader to guess until the very end about your story.  As you can see you have some challenges when writing this type of story.

I hope you enjoy my story of Raining Fish.

The news headline of “Rain of Frogs in Essex County,” reminds me of my own childhood experience of finding live perch in our front yard.  I was ten years old
at the time.  We had one of those severe, Oklahoma thunderstorms.  It rained so
hard you couldn’t see through it. The young trees bent to the ground from the
wind. I found the fish flopping around in the mud holes after the storm had
passed.  Being both fascinated, and confused, I knew beyond doubt fish did not live in our front yard.

I picked a fish up off the ground, and ran to my mother to show her the prize I had in my hand.  I thought it was strange she wasn’t as surprised by the discovery of the fish in the yard as I was.  She was cooking supper, and didn’t want to answer my questions right then. She told me we’d talk after supper, and to get out of the kitchen until I was called for supper.

The next forty-five minutes I remained baffled as to how those fish ended up in our front yard. Did God give them to us to eat? No, because they were too small.  Most of them were two to three inches long.  Did birds drop the fish as they flew over our yard? No, it was storming with the heavy rain and high wind.  Birds wouldn’t be flying in that kind of weather.

I finally ate my supper, and by the time our supper was through, I was really ready to talk. “Okay, mama, can we talk now?”

Mama laughed at me when I told her the reasons I thought of for the fish being in the front yard. The story she told me was very interesting, and made sense.  During severe storms, sometimes tornadoes form and come down over ponds and lakes. They pick up the small fish with the water and carry the water and fish over land, releasing it.  I have always heard of it raining cats and dogs, but I can literally say I have seen it rain

http://youtu.be/DoYpO0Mz2-4  This is a cute video on flash fiction.  I hope you enjoy it.

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