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Out On a Limb Review

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I decided to write my blog today about a book I finished yesterday that astounded me.  I read Out On A Limb by Shirley MacLaine.  Did I get a surprise.  I was expecting a bizarre, far out story.  The book was an easy to read and understand in her struggle to find spirituality.

​Being a spirit filled Christian I also thought she would have things to say that wouldn’t set well with me. That wasn’t the case either.  My understanding of what she wrote is we are the divine, spiritual, power.  Since we are the body of Christ  would that make us divine in nature?  Every power that Christ demonstrated, we can have; when we reach his level of spirituality.

I was interested in her idea of reincarnation.  We will live again, and I know the Bible says we will live again with  Jesus.  She believes that the human soul keeps coming back until he or she gets things right here on earth.  The more understanding and giving of yourself, you are the quicker you will be staying on the other side.  Bad folks are doomed to keep repeating their
life over and over until they change. Maybe that is where the term hell on earth comes in.  That was my thought not hers.

She is a woman who struggled to discover who she was supposed to be.  It took her years to come to terms with her life.  She studied while she traveled around the world searching for understanding.  This was all in-between her show business dates.

I would recommend this book just to give you an insight into another’s thinking about spirituality.


The Twin Towers


September 11, 2011 ​ Today is a day of sadness and rememberance in our country. Ten years ago today radical men destroyed the peace of our country which ultamently plugged us into war. ​ The sacrafices of September 11, 2001 and the sacrafices made since then will forever etched in our minds and hearts. ​ We remain strong in our resolution of not letting thier sacrefice be for nothing. Ask God today to bless the hearts of our enemy’s so they can know that violence begets violence and we are all on this earth for a reason. ​ I visted the Twin Towers ten days before they fell. I went to a dentist in the east tower because I’d broken a tooth. The security downstairs was stringent. I still have my photo ID. Little did I know what was to come. ​ I fell apart the day the towers came down. The loss of lives and everything I’d enjoyed 10 days before seemed unreal. This country and our people continue to stay in my prayers and will until I’m gone or we are at peace. God Bless America. ​ ​