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I was reading an article last night on how the over 60 age set is partaking of an experience I absolutely loved when I was doing it. It created so many different emotions from pure delight to fright. I suppose I have waited long enough to tell you what I’m talking about, scuba diving.

I am an Oklahoma farm girl who got my first taste of a big city when I went to Honolulu to work at Kapiolani Woman’s and Children hospital in Honolulu. I absolutely hated it for the first two months I was there, but then developed a love for the state and my life there. I stayed a full year and didn’t want to leave then.

After I settled into my routine life,I decided I wanted to something different.  I became a PADI certified diver. What an experience that was for me. I took private lessons just so I would feel more secure in what I was doing. It was hard for me to let go of my trainers hand and actually go on my own.  As with everything else, I just needed the self-confidence that I could do it.

I loved the beauty of the undersea world. The beautiful colored fish and even those nasty eels with the big teeth.  Of course I had seen the movie Jaws, so that was always in the back of my mind.  When I looked down and couldn’t see anything but empty space, I would think about some creature coming up and getting me.  I quickly pushed that from my mind and went on exploring the sites.

I do have to tell you I bit my mouth piece in half once because I was frightened.  I was swimming along close to the  bottom observing everything.  My mind was concentrating on some star fish when all of a sudden, two white tip sharks came out of the sand and straight up in front of my face. That startle reflex did me in. I had to leave the water.

If you have the opportunity, learn how to scuba.  It will open up a new world to you. The beauty and tranquility around you can’t be described in words. Since I read that article that the over 60 crowd is doing their diving thing, I may have to grab my wet suit, flippers and mask and head back to the open water.

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I'm a retired RN enjoying my retirement to the fullest. I liked adventure and travel and making friends. I have 6 dogs and 1 cat. They are like having a house full of three years olds. Now for the rest of the story. My Granddaughter and her husband now live with us and they have 4 dogs and 4 cats along with a giant Flemish Rabbit. My Granddaughter has now added beautiful, Olivia to our household. My fourth Great Grandchild. They are a large part of my life and I can't imagine them not being around. I spend most of my time sitting in front of my computer working on my latest book or talking about Essential Oils. On the personal side, I'm married to a wonderful man who spoils me and I love it. I am very much a country girl. I love living on our 5 acres on Pole Cat Creek watching the deer and other animals occasionally stick their​ heads out of the trees. It's a fun life.
  • Sandy says:

    Great post. I love the picture too.

    I have to be honest and say I am afraid to Scuba dive and have the shark rising from the sand experience happen to me. Actually, I am more afraid of how you described looking down and not being able to see whats in the distance. I think that is really scary to me. But still, you made it sound so wonderful and I do hope to try it someday.

    • Hi Sandy, you get so much more goodness from diving than bad. If you ever get the chance take it, you won’t regret it. You might try snorkeling to start and you’d get an idea of what you can see. Thanks for your comment. Shirley

  • suzannesan says:


    I really enjoyed reading your post and it made me long to get back in the water myself! Having learned to scuba dive while we were stationed on the island of Okinawa, there was no dive more beautiful than the East China Sea. I do understand your fear of murky water and sharks. We had more sea snakes than anything else, but the diving was so gorgeous there, that it completely made up for any fears (such as drowning) that I put behind me and forged forward.
    I would go back tomorrow for the food, the friendly people and the diving, if someone would just buy me a round trip ticket 🙂


  • I admire your courage, but no absolutely way. Of course, I’m not 60 yet, so I may change my mind, but I doubt it. For one thing, I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, so I wouldn’t be able to see the sharks that were about to devour me.

    great post. I enjoyed this one a lot.

    • Thanks for dropping by and your comment. I’m blind also, but when I decided to start diving I got contacts so I could see the sights. You can get prescription goggles so you’d never miss a thing.

  • I love snorkeling, but I don’t think I will ever try scuba diving. We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay last summer. It was beautiful!

  • Mike says:

    Hi shirleymclain930 I like your blog