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Cover of "Obsessed"

Cover of Obsessed

I was thinking about a character in my book,  The Tower. Tony who is completely obsessed with the protagonist. Samantha (Sam) was on his mind constantly. This obsession with Sam caused him to make  costly mistakes in his life.  Have you have been obsessed with someone or something?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary  defines obsession as a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation <an obsession with profits>.  That definition covers a multitude of things. A person can have an obsession over anything from dust to peanut butter,  or I should say from A to Z.

I have been obsessed with reading a book.  Just couldn’t put it down until it was finished. Right now I couldn’t tell you the name of it if my life depended on it, but I’ve been there and been totally drawn into the story. That’s one of my wishes for my books. They won’t be able to put it down once the reading has begun.

I think new love is an obsession.  Do you remember the time when you waited with bated breath for the phone to ring, just to hear the voice that began your heart fluttering.  Hanging onto every word that came out of their mouth and always wanting to hear more.  The anxiety that built because you couldn’t be with them as much as you wanted. The tears when they had to go away. Fantasizing your life with them, happy forever after.  It’s a wonderfully, miserable time.

Some people can carry an obsession to the point that it is dangerous for the person who has the obsession, or if they are obsessed with another person it could be dangerous for them also. There has to be some mental instability to stalk someone just so you can see their every move during the day or night.

I said all of this to make the point that obsession can be a good story line because of the tension that it causes.  Write a 100 word piece of flash fiction using obsession and see what you come up with.  In fact the person who submits the best flash fiction to me will win their choice of an eBook (under $4.00) from Amazon.com. A winner will be announced April 14th.  Please send  the flash fiction as an attachment along with the name and author of the eBook you would like to have. Please include the email address where you would like it sent. Emails will be deleted so be sure you attachment has the needed information. Last day for submissions will be March 31, 2012 and the winner will be announced on April 14th, 2012. Send entries to shirley_mclain@yahoo.com Happy Flashing…..

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  • I’ve had an obsessive ex, so, yeah, scary on my part. But I’ve also been obsessed with books and hope mine develop that in someone else. The reading part, not the behavior, stalkish obsession. Lol.

  • I have a poem about such an obsession, where do I send it?

  • G. Neri says:

    I submitted my story. Thank you, Shirley.

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    • Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog. I’m a little confused by the note you left me. Are you entering the contest or do you need info. I’m glad to help you in what ever way I can. Shirley

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