Do you let life interfere?


I have been terrible at blogging this past week. I have let life interfere with what I love to do, and that is writing and blogging. I also seem to be spending more time than I like with the social networking. I do love people and communication. Those sites let me talk to people all over the word. I consider that a blessing from my Lord.

This week I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. In case you don’t know what that cliché means, it is a country girls way of saying, I was going so many directions, I didn’t get anywhere. I did manage to get my granddaughters prom dress and of course she looks lovely in it. I’m also looking a houses so my husband and I can pick out our retirement home. I was also the caretaker for my adopted mom while she had a doctor visit and found out she has to have surgery. All in all it was a full week, but I let my blogging and writing go. How do you handle what life throws at you? Share some tips with me on how you make time for everything. My goal is to continue writing and sharing through my blog, but I have found that is sometimes very hard to do.

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I'm a retired RN enjoying my retirement to the fullest. I liked adventure and travel and making friends. I have 6 dogs and 1 cat. They are like having a house full of three years olds. Now for the rest of the story. My Granddaughter and her husband now live with us and they have 4 dogs and 4 cats along with a giant Flemish Rabbit. My Granddaughter has now added beautiful, Olivia to our household. My fourth Great Grandchild. They are a large part of my life and I can't imagine them not being around. I spend most of my time sitting in front of my computer working on my latest book or talking about Essential Oils. On the personal side, I'm married to a wonderful man who spoils me and I love it. I am very much a country girl. I love living on our 5 acres on Pole Cat Creek watching the deer and other animals occasionally stick their​ heads out of the trees. It's a fun life.
  • It’s a lifelong project to find the balance between what is truly important and what only seems to be important. My publisher said I needed to do social networking and it is eating into my writing time, too. I make sure I always have a notebook and pen with me and do a lot of writing in waiting rooms and on my volunteer 3 hour shifts in a quiet office where the phone rarely rings. 🙂

  • I have had the same kind of week. I only blog once a week or so, but I am also in the middle of editing for another publisher and it isn’t my own work. So I really need to move on it. Also I started getting something ready to sub and haven’t gotten back to it. I also have to write three more poems for an anthology. But like you social media and promotion for my book takes up most of the time:)

    • Thank you so much for your comment. There has to be someway for us to strike a happy medium. I won’t neglect my family. I think I am going to have to put a time limit on my social media. Maybe that will take some of the pressure off. ShirleyCheck out my web-page and my blog


  • Good luck with everything and hugs. Sometimes taking a deep breath and praying is all we can do.

  • Sometimes, when life just throws a bunch of extra stuff at you, all you can do is deal with it and come back to the writing when you can. You’re not behind, just pick up where you left off. Setting a time limit on social media helps in that area, too. A bit of my advice I need to take myself. 🙂 Hope this week goes more smoothly!

  • Hi Jennette, thank you for your comment. I have decided to start limiting my networking to give me more time to write. Thanks.

  • I don’t have any tips for you. In fact I seem to be sailing in the same boat as you. I absolutely love writing in my blog and yet I’ve struggled to find enough time to write this last week. I can’t even blame it on other things going on. I’ve just been struggling with no reason to it.

    • I guess with our busy lives something has to give and I also think at times you don’t want to write. Why do we feel guilty when we don’t? In fact I think I will write tomorrows blog on that topic and see what comes up. Thanks for the comment. Shirley

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