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I was asked to re-post my first blog concerning Obama Care and the status of our healthcare system in this country. Today I’m re-posting from January of this year.  Please stop by and leave your comments.  We need to get more dialogs going about this issue. If you are a Christian, as I am, lets pray that the right answer comes from the Supreme Court for this country and all the people, not just a few.   Blessings to all.

Let’s Talk Obama Care

As a retired RN who has worked in many areas of health care I have seen and experienced our broken health care system.  I have seen and experienced waiting in an emergency roomfor hours because it is being used like a clinic because lower-income people can’t afford medical care for themselves or their children.

I feel we are being held hostage by the insurance companieswho can dictate what our doctors can and can’t do.  Since they have to control their costs and make money, people are denied treatments that can save their life.  I feel every citizen in this country is entitled to medical care and I think the changes that will and have been started by Obama Careis a  good thing.  Why is it wrong for people to help buy insurance in a government-run program?  The citizens of this country have been paying for all of the care given to the poor to start with.  I feel in the long run this can save us money.  I can’t see a problem with them getting supplemented insurance at all. Obama Care will also help decrease the Medicare fraud that is perpetuated by the system in place now.  Wouldn’t that save us a vast amount of money?

I for one applaud the president for taking the initiative to change our health care system.  It is something that should’ve been done long ago.  Politics in this country tries to portray this plan as bad or good.  As I said, it is a new start.  I am not afraid of a new beginning with health care but I know many people are.

I am attaching a Bill Moyer’s video talking about medical lobbyist in Washington. It explains why so much propaganda is spread about anything affecting medicine or drugs.

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  • Jane Perrine says:

    Thank you, Shirley. This blog about healthcare was right on! How can the wealthiest nation–a nation of people who consider themselves Christians–not care about those who have no coverage or access.

    Jane Myers Perrine (please visit my blog I am not nearly as passionate or articulate as you)

    • Thank you so much for visting my blog and leaving your comment. Healthcare in this country is bad except for those with insurance. Something has to give and I hope the good Lord sees fit to let these changes give it a start. Your welcome back anytime. Shirley

  • lgilbert52 says:

    It is refreshing to read something positive concerning President Obama’s health care initiative. I have been appalled at how blinded by their own circumstances so many have become, and how uncivil the “debate” has been. Your well-reasoned approach is much appreciated!

  • lgilbert52 says:

    Thank you for this post. It is refreshing to read a positive, thoughtful response to President Obama’s initiative to reform health care. Your point that we are as taxpayers already paying is valid. Reform is long over-due. Whether or not one agrees with every aspect of “Obama-care”, at least it is an effort! It’s important to note that having health insurance is no guarantee of security-co-pays, deductibles, limits to care, and so forth can still result in tremendous out of pocket expense-the insurance companies protect themselves very well! Thank you for your well-reasoned article.