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This blog is a combination of a couple I posted back in March when the Supreme court was making their decision. I thought it was timely to repost it. I have edited a couple of things.

As a retired RN who has worked in many areas of health care I have seen and experienced our broken health care system.  I have seen and experienced waiting in an emergency room for hours because it is being used like a clinic because lower-income people can’t afford medical care for themselves or their children.

I feel we are being held hostage by the insurance companies who can dictate what our doctors can and can’t do.  Since they have to control their costs and make money, people are denied treatments that can save their life.  I feel every citizen in this country is entitled to medical care and I think the changes that will and have been started by Obama Care is a  good thing.  Why is it wrong for people to help buy insurance in a government-run program?  The citizens of this country have been paying for all of the care given to the poor to start with.  I feel in the long run this can save us money.  I can’t see a problem with them getting supplemented insurance at all. Obama Care will also help decrease the Medicare fraud that is perpetuated by the system in place now.  Wouldn’t that save us a vast amount of money?

I for one applaud the president for taking the initiative to change our health care system.  It is something that should’ve been done long ago.  Politics in this country tries to portray this plan as bad or good.  As I said, it is a new start.  I am not afraid of a new beginning with health care but I know many people are.

I am attaching a Bill Moyer’s video talking about medical lobbyist in Washington. It explains why so much propaganda is spread about anything affecting medicine or drugs.


I have stated before on this blog that I think the healthcare program is a good thing for the people of this country.  With the insurance company‘s running the doctors and hospitals a lot of people are not getting the care they should be getting. We are already paying out the wazoo for the uninsured to receive care  with the high costs of medical care and deaths that could have been prevented.  If the mandatory insurance makes people get insurance who would otherwise just think they can use the ER as an Emergency Room with no thought to how they are tying up the system or the cost to all of us.  I think it is a good thing to make everyone responsible for something that might help reshape our medical and insurance system. It is something everyone uses at one time or another.

I do not think only the rich should be entitled to medical procedures which can save and improve lives.  As an RN I am not in favor of prolonging life just because it can be.  A life needs quality, not just quantity. I think this will give a good start to equal access.

I know how I want this election to go, but I also know it’s in God’s hands.  As an American and a Christian I will live with the final outcome. Either way it will be tough on all of us.

That’s my two-cents once again on healthcare.  Let me know what you think and why you feel the way you do. I look forward to hearing from you.  A healthy discussion is always good.

  • I am working RN. Personally I would love to see our healthcare system razed and rebuilt so that it is free for everyone. I consider it criminal that we are the richest nation on the planet and we can’t care for our citizens. I don’t want to hijack your blog, but this is a subject I could go on and on about. I refuse to work in hospitals. In four very short years, two in a cardiac ICU, I saw waste on every level that was simply sickening. Excellent post, Shirley, about a subject that everyone has a stake in.

  • Personally, I think if everyone had the opportunity to work in healthcare, especially a hospital we wouldn’t be a country divided over this issue. It is a shame people put blinders on and will only see what might affect them. Thanks for your input. I do appreciate it very much. You might think about reposting this if you feel so inclined.

  • Terry Lee says:

    First dollar medical insurance and the federal government are the problem, not the solution to affordiable health care. See my blog Common Sense, Business & Politics at terryoliverlee.blogspot.com

  • Shirley, I agree with you a hundred percent! And Serena too. It is a shame and an embarrassment that such a wealthy country would not provide health care for its citizens. Obama cares about all Americans, and is trying to do the right thing for them, and I so respect him for it.

  • Venita says:

    I have been in healthcare for 30 years and have seen many changes…. I totally agree with you ladies 100% it is a shame that our wonderful country does not take care of our citizens.. President Obama is doing the right thing trying to make health care possible … I says Nursing Caps off to him my he continue after WINNING his reelection….

    • First of all, it is so good to hear from you my friend. I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment. Just keep our nation in your prayers.

  • Pat says:

    Good to hear an RN’s perspective on this since they are on the front lines with this every day – thanks for having the courage to speak your piece on this. It’s not always popular to do so. 🙂

    • I am only speaking from the truth and one should never fear the truth. Both sides can twist and turn the issue but bottom line is “It’s the people who will be left out in the cold”, Let’s pray that this election turns out for what’s best for the people. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

      • Pat says:

        I agree Shirley and pray for the best person to be elected who truly cares from the heart and can be trusted to respond for what’s best for the people of this country.

  • Pat says:

    Shirley – I shared your post on my Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pat.ruppel.1.

    Thank you for giving us your perspectives.

  • I agree; though we should also concentrate on bringing the costs of healthcare down. Hospitals gouge patients; it’s truly an eye opener to study the costs incurred daily for a patient’s care. I would be open to obtaining care outside of our country, where the cost and care for equitable surgeries is doable (Thailand &: India); no one should have to 2nd mortgage their home to pay for healthcare.

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