Here’s the Good News.


I found this to be a wonderful post that tells us exactly how things are or should be. It has nothing to do with writing or storytelling. It is just truth from the Good Book and Brianna. It needs to be shared again and again.

Brianna Siegrist


Okay, whenever I hear people talk about their problems with Christianity, I feel like there are common questions/issues/themes.

  1. If God is sovereign, and loving, why is there pain? Or hell?
  2. I like Jesus, I don’t like Christians.
  3. What’s with all the rules? I think a loving God would be more tolerant.
  4. I think people are basically good, and so why do we need to be saved?
  5. From God’s wrath? What? That doesn’t make sense if he loves us.
  6. Speaking of wrath, what’s with the Old Testament?

Well, here’s how I come out on those questions.

I start with this.

God is sovereign. He created everything. He is Good. He is Love. We start there. When we speak of something being “right” or “wrong,” it’s not arbitrary. It is inherently good or inherently wrong. It’s not an assigned value.

When God created the light and the dark, it says “He…

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