how to write a book review :)


I always question my book reviews. I know what I like and I don’t like. I tend to give positive reviews because I read what I like. I’m wondering if this is not doing a disservice to those writers that couldn’t continue with their book. What I’ve done in the past is just tell them the book wasn’t for me. It’s no help to the writer, but it keeps me from telling someone the book sucks. What do you do?

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  • I think your method is quite fair. I suspect most writers (I know I feel this way) would rather have you post no review than a bad one. But I think it’s helpful if you don’t like a book and you have a way to reach out to the writer privately (not in a public posting) it’s very helpful for any writer to know how he or she missed connecting with you, the reader. I have a number of very good reviews on my book but one reviewer did email me to say the book was well written and compelling but just not her taste as she prefers reads to read light and funny or romantic work. Mine is a memoir, a true tale of dysfunctional family and while I wrote it with some humor it’s not meant to be a laugh out loud read. I respected her for letting me know what she did and did not enjoy. I just recently sent that same reviewer a new work I thought would be more to her liking. (It’s a children’s picture book about vibrant grandparents, they don’t get much lighter than that!)

  • Thank you for your very nice comment. It’s always nice to find out how others handle reviews.

  • Aby says:

    I write about what resonated with me (you said that already), also what stood out for me in the book. And if the book got exceptional reviews on certain aspects and if that did sound right to me after reading it, I write about my perspective.
    Every writer puts their soul in their book. And soul needs to be treated with kindness. Feedback is good, but constructive feedback is great.