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Where’s The Line To See Jesus

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I know my blog is about writing  most of the time but since it is close to Christmas, I have the urge to talk about Jesus,since Christmas is his celebrated birthday.  I have a hard time accepting Christmas not being celebrated for what it was meant to be.  Now it is for many people, “What can I get, or how to make more money.  Our Christmas has become so commercial it has left out the central element, Jesus.

How do you view Christmas?  Is it what you think it should be?  I know everyone is not Christian in their faith, but even so-called Christians have lost sight of what the Holiday is about.  Watch this video, I think it sums it up very nicely.




I can’t take credit for this piece.  It was written by a writing friend of mine who uses the name Jazz on Fanstory.  When I read it I knew I wanted to share it on my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did and imagine how wonderful it would be.

Imagine a Christmas whereby no actual gifts are exchanged. But instead, gifts of the heart, gifts of service, gifts of love. Meaningful, everlasting gifts. And, they were given over a period of at least twelve days.
For instance, we offer our services to an older couple in the neighborhood. Everyone knows at least one couple, or a widow or widower. Make dinner every night for twelve days,do chores around their house, laundry, or take them to the stores, or just go for them. Pick up, and/or drop off, their Rx. Take them to a show or the movie. Seeing to it, in every way possible, that they know you love and care for them as a neighbor.
Or, volunteering our time to visiting hospitals and nursing homes. Sincerely showing up and just being a comfort to as many there as possible, especially those who have few, if any visitors.
Maybe writing cards and letters to family and friends, letting them all know that we are so grateful to be in their lives. Or maybe, to a friend or family member whom we haven’t spoken with, for whatever reason, in a long time.
Possibly, we know someone who is having a very hard time just buying groceries. Wouldn’t it be nice if, we made a special effort to seek out such a family, and picked up some extra canned goods and boxes of spaghetti, or bags of rice (so cheap and feeds a lot) while we are at the grocery store for ourselves. An extra loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter. Baby formula, diapers, something, anything useful, helpful.
Imagine, how much money we would save. No out of control credit card bills. Imagine, how much less stress we would experience. Imagine, how many real and lasting smiles we would be putting on so many people’s faces.
Still celebrating the Christmas season with dinner, friends, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, holly all around the house, a log in the fireplace, the aroma of hot turkey and pumpkin pie filling the air…and hot cinnamon cider brewing.
Still keeping the twinkling lights on the outside of our houses, on our windows and beautiful green wreaths and big red velvet bows adorning front doors.
Imagine, how many more people would be looking forward to Christmas. Imagine, that after the holidays are all but over, not one person has to work overtime, or get a second job to pay for the gifts already broken or lost, or too small, or just plain gone down in value, or (heaven forbid) were never appreciated in the first place.
We can do this, all of us who sincerely want to honor our King on His birthday. We who want nothing more than to show our love and let Him know that we are eternally grateful for His sacrifice, for His unconditional love and His saving grace. Not to mention everything in our lives.
Imagine, how we might feel if, when one of our own children’s birthday arrived, all our friends, relatives, and even our other children, celebrated his/her birthday by going into hock for everyone else…but the birthday child. It just doesn’t seem right. It’s not right. Imagine, the look on the face of the child whose birthday it was. What The Heck?
Okay, so God is not thinking that, not exactly, but He has to be wondering. Wondering why? How could we have gotten so far away from what Christmas really is? How could we have forgotten our first love?
And, let’s not fool ourselves, we have. And all the retail agents know we have. And, most of all, God knows we have. For sure, as that commercial once told us; we’ve come a long way, baby. A long way from where it all started with the wise men. They were our example. They can be our example once again. They really were wise. Very wise.
Imagine making a private vow to God, that we are going to remember why we celebrate Dec. 25th at all. Remind Him that we are grateful, more than grateful, for His precious gift of Jesus Christ to us; to the world. Promise Him that we will dedicate that day to His loving Son, in ways that will honor Him, glorify Him and make Him proud of us. Imagine, the smile on His face.
Imagine, celebrating Christmas as though it were the birth of Christ, and not our kids birthday…again. Unless it really is your child’s birthday. Imagine, teaching our children, that Dec. 25th really is the birth of our Lord, and they get excited about it as though it were their own., but expect no special treatment for themselves. Imagine, no child in the world feeling sad because they didn’t get all the toys on Christmas that they wanted, or that their friends received. Imagine, all kids going back to school after Christmas vacation and sharing all the things they did for others…even in the name of Jesus’ birthday. Imagine, our kids asking “what are we going to do for Jesus’ birthday this year, mom? Imagine, even buying or baking a beautiful birthday cake…maybe angel food, and getting up on Christmas morning, gathering the family around the table and actually singing, happy birthday Jesus.
Imagine, that after just a few Christmas’s celebrated as though it really was the birthday of Jesus Christ, we all would be in one accord, out of debt and actually looking forward to the next one, with real good tidings.
In this writing, I have considered the many people who celebrate Christmas, but who are not Christians. And, even if you do not believe Jesus to be sent from God, to be God in the flesh, it would not harm anything if you were to only remember it is historically accepted, that He did live, and that he surely was born on a certain day. He lived and walked this earth doing only good. He loved all the world. He still does. And, we were all on His mind when He died on the cross.
Joy to the world. And Christmas time depression, be all but wiped out. Imagine!
And, of course, doing all those special loving acts dedicated to Jesus and telling everyone so.
Thank you everyone for reading this fairly long post. I wish every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I am so very sure of my New Year’s resolution, and for the first time ever, I will have so much fun keeping it.
And to God be all the glory.

Out On a Limb Review

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I decided to write my blog today about a book I finished yesterday that astounded me.  I read Out On A Limb by Shirley MacLaine.  Did I get a surprise.  I was expecting a bizarre, far out story.  The book was an easy to read and understand in her struggle to find spirituality.

​Being a spirit filled Christian I also thought she would have things to say that wouldn’t set well with me. That wasn’t the case either.  My understanding of what she wrote is we are the divine, spiritual, power.  Since we are the body of Christ  would that make us divine in nature?  Every power that Christ demonstrated, we can have; when we reach his level of spirituality.

I was interested in her idea of reincarnation.  We will live again, and I know the Bible says we will live again with  Jesus.  She believes that the human soul keeps coming back until he or she gets things right here on earth.  The more understanding and giving of yourself, you are the quicker you will be staying on the other side.  Bad folks are doomed to keep repeating their
life over and over until they change. Maybe that is where the term hell on earth comes in.  That was my thought not hers.

She is a woman who struggled to discover who she was supposed to be.  It took her years to come to terms with her life.  She studied while she traveled around the world searching for understanding.  This was all in-between her show business dates.

I would recommend this book just to give you an insight into another’s thinking about spirituality.