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Do You Have One?


All of us have rants inside of us.  There are times you have to let them out or explode.  There are so many wrong things in our world, but then again there are good things also.  The poor and hungry child may have experienced a good thing because some nice person gave them a candy bar or it could be as simple as a loving touch from their mother.

I am sharing a poem I wrote about hunger. Let me know what your thinking after you read it.

Do we really know

We think we know

Hunger is a strong need for food

I might have an idea as most

Based on not eating when I want

Do we really know

How it feels to be empty

Not knowing when the next bite will be

Do we feel the knowing cramping

The rising nausea

Do we really know

Why thousands starve

As we watch our favorite sport team

While mothers listens to their children cry

Begging for just something to stop the pain

Priorities are amuck in this world

Why should pay millions to play, to sing, to act

As a people we are no better than the Romans’

Gladiator sports for our satisfaction

Let’s watch and cheer while the lions eat.

The video today is on stopping hunger.      http://youtu.be/2p58JYxaGlw