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To do, or Not To Do, that is the question??????


It finally came and I was so excited to see it.  When I opened it and saw all the marks I panicked. Being in the middle of unpacking 200 boxes from my move, I now have my book to edit. As much as I love my book, I don’t want to even start on it yet. It’s sad because I have been chomping at the bit for almost three months to get it back from the editor. Dobyns Chronicles was and is a work of love. It’s a story based in the 1800’s about my great-grandfather. I called it a historical fiction but it has a lot of truth threaded throughout the story.

How do I even begin. I think I’m going to leave it alone for awhile so I can finish unpacking boxes. That way I won’t have  things hanging over my head.  What ideas do you have for me, about getting started on what seems like a daunting task to me right now?

A New Contest


Hello to everyone. Today I’m making a big announcement.  I am sponsoring another writing contest. The topic of this contest is National Pride.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, and no more than 1200 words.  The winner will receive  three ebooks of your choice and posting of your story on this blog.  The runner-up will receive a copy of the Historical Fiction, Dobyns Chronicles when it is published in a few months.

Please send the stories to shirley_mclain.com with your email address and the three ebooks you would like if you win.  All entries must be to me by May 31, 2012.  The winner will be announced June 15, 2012.

Use your creativeness and get out of your comfort zone a little bit. I look forward to receiving some great stories.