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Speaking My Mind

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church (Photo credit: enkrates)

When I clicked on  a story in the National Memo this morning, the story  lead-in was, ” Why Catholics don’t like Little Ricky.”

First I did not read one word about Catholics not caring about the Hispanics, secondly as a Oklahoma Catholic, that is not the case. The Catholic Church is championing the cause of the illegal and legal Hispanics in this country. We term it as social justice. When I lived in California and Texas it was the same thing there.

This nation was built with the help of immigrants from all over the world. I agree there needs to be some changes in our immigration laws, but I think we should be treating everyone as we would want to be treated. We have big problems in the justice  and immigration systems in this country. They will have to answer for what they do, as will each one of us.

I believe that amnesty should be given to all who are in this country now and a way to be found to stop the flow into the country. I know that’s easier said than done.  I also believe we should take care of our own but also help others in need.

No matter what political party someone belongs to, tolerance of something different has to become the norm. This country has done a very bad job at tolerance, but it is improving from what it was 40-50 years ago. I am better than my parents and my children are better than I am in accepting differences.  My hopes and prayer is that improvement will continue to take place in the future.

What About Our Poor?


I just watched a video, which you can see on Wimp.com called “Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs”.  The presenter used an ingenious method of jars of gum balls to represent the population of poor countries.  The point of his presentation was to show that the United States may be harming the poor countries of the world by letting the thinkers and doers of a what ever poor country to immigrate to the States, thus depriving the country of the possibility of that person making a difference in their own country.

The really poor of the country can’t afford to immigrate.  Mexico is just a bit different because we share a border, so if the poor can manage to get into the country, they are here.  Just not as one of the legal one million immigrants we take in yearly.

According to the presenter the poor nations are adding people faster than we as a country, could  possibly take them.  The really poor and desperate have to be helped in their own country.  I am all for helping the poor of the world, but I think our own poor should be helped first.  We have homeless families on the streets, who can’t afford food or housing.  The basic necessities of life are missing.

It is true some of these people made choices in their life which put them in the situation they are in, but what about the children.  The children did not cause the problem.  This is only one tiny segment of the poor and destitute of our country.  There is always someone.  It could be a geriatric person who can’t stay warm this winter, because they can’t  pay heat bills and buy food at the same time. There are people who if they buy food can’t pay for their drugs.  It is a vicious circle for people to numerous to count.

I know politics is involved with a lot of the aide that is dispensed to foreign countries.  It is always for humanitarian purposes, but it could be, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.   I still believe we should take care of our own first.  That is my two-cents for today.