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The Thornbirds and Aging


I bet you are wondering how The Thornbirds relates to aging.  It is by association only and I will tell you how.  This morning I was reading a blog and it mentioned doing a blog on movies that we own.  One of my favorite movies is “The Thornbirds” with Barbara Stanwyck, and Richard Chamberlain.

Thinking about that movie, prompted me to remember the scene at the birthday party where Mary Carson is trying to get Father de Bricassart to kiss her.  Mary tells him her body may be seventy-five (just guessing) but in her mind she is still a young woman with all the same needs and desires.

I feel that one scene says so much about life and ageing, at least for me.  I am sixty-one years old and I feel the same way.  My brain still thinks, and feels like I am twenty-five but my body definitely says I’m sixty-one.  I am a lot smarter than I was a twenty-five (thank goodness), but nothing has been taken away from my mind.

When I was a young lady, working in long-term care, I would care for people, and ask myself what would be better, to lose your mind, and keep a fairly healthy body, or to lose the body and have a totally intact mind.  I have reached an age where I have made a decision.  I choose to keep a healthy mind.  I want to know what is going on around me or in other words I want to see life for as long as I can.  When my quality of life is gone, then take my brain so I don’t know anything.  Honestly, I want the good Lord to call me home before I get into that position.  unfortunately it is something we have no control over unless you choose suicide.  As far as I am concerned suicide is not an option.  Suicide is a copout on life.

Some people let their mind age out of choice.  They choose not to expand their knowledge about anything.  They want to sit in that rocker and wait to die (another copout).  My dad is eighty-five years old and he certainly doesn’t fit in that category.  He keeps up with politics and everything going on around him.  He still goes out and climbs on a tractor to take a round bale of hay to the cattle.  His body has lots of aches and pains but he keeps moving, and keeps his mind active.  If the good Lord lets me reach eighty-five, I hope he lets me do as well.

My question to you is; Do you want your mind or body to live the longest, if one has to go before the other?  That’s my two-cents for today.

Political Emails


Hello, I am writing this morning about a topic that personally bothers me a great deal and that is “Political Emails”  I am not referring for ones that say Vote For Me.  I am referring to the ones that contain violence.  Today I recieved an email from an online friend that disturbed me a great deal.  Especially with the event that just occurred in Arizona.

This particular email with video showed Speaker Pilosi handing over the gavel, and then getting hit in the head with it.  It actually made me cringe.  I know my friend has very strong political views, but I was actually offended by that video.  it had nothing to do with political views, it was the violence it demonstrated.   I will be letting him know not to send me any more political emails.

I feel if we would all take a stand with our email friends and let them know about the violent, not funny video’s, or the word only  commentary’s that are supposed to be jokes  are not appreciated, it just might help change things for the better.  I would have a hard time believing I am the only person who finds this type of thing  on the offensive side.

We do have free speech in this country, so anyone has the right to send or say what they want.  I think it makes each one of us responsible for what we receive by email, as much as possible.   I for one am about to start fighting back.  I am going to start sending back polite notes asking not to receive any more political emails.  How about you?  Are you ready to try to stop this garbarge from circulating?  If you have more ideas, let’s talk about it.   That is my two cents for today.



My heart and my prayers go out to the victims of that very sick young man in Arizona who shot the congress woman and the others.  If you haven’t noticed our world is really becoming a sick place, and I feel the media plays a very big role in this sickness.  I am sick of politics, and the way the media pushes it to one side or the other. It has to be the fault of the other party’s instead of one sick individual.  The the talk show people chime in, and add fuel to the fire.  What happened to the compassion of this world?  Does everything boil down to what Rush, Sarah or Glenn and others say.

I feel at times the media pushes these people over the edge because they are talking with so much passion.  A sick individual can interpret those words to be gospel, and feel he has to help that very passionate person do what is right.  I know everyone in this country has the right to say anything they want to say without fear and that in its self is a wonderful thing.   Politics being as nasty as it is, should a line be drawn on how things are presented to the public?

How do we change nasty politics  with all the back biting and twisting of words? How do we get the media to change the way they present things.  We as “the people” should be able to make changes.   I don’t know squat and I very freely admit it, but what I do know is something is very wrong.  That’s my two cents for today.

Branding, Part 2 What not to do


Kristine Lamb wrote in her book “We Are Not Alone”, she has made all the mistakes when it comes to social networking.  I had to laugh when I read some of her great ideas turned into “tar babies”.  Those tar babies is what prompted her to write her book.  She lists several mistakes that writers make when they start branding.  I will list them here.

1) Brand yourself, not the title of your book:  That makes sense because if you brand your book then you would be doing a rebrand every time you published.  Also unless you self-publish you have no control over the title of the book.

2) Branding  your content:  This works just like branding the title.  You have to have a brand that can be used with everything, or you will be repeating the branding.

3) Branding Names of Characters:  Build your platform using your name that way you do not have to keep rebranding

4)Branding Multiple Identities:  Even if you do a number of different genres, you don’t need multiple identities.  The example Kristine uses was “Proctor and Gamble”.  They have hundreds of products, but you recognize the name, “Proctor and Gamble”.

“I can put all of my products under one umbrella of Kristen Lam to make things easy and simple for my fans.  Through this brand I can then direct traffic.”

If you are a new author like myself we will tend to lean heavily on networking with others authors.  We need to learn more about our craft and the world of publishing.  Once the publishing is done then you can network with people who can show you how to boost book sales.

Blogging Every Day


I have accepted the challege of blogging everyday in 2011.  I think each of us that accomplish this goal will find we have grown in our writing abilities. I know for myself, even though I have been published, I have so much more to learn about the  field of writing.  As I have been told all of my life,  “there is always room for improvement.”  That one little line is so true in my case.  I want to learn how to improve in every area of my writing.

I am also purchasing me a kindle for my reading.  I am not sure how I am going to like it, because I am a paper person when it comes to books.  I think the time has come for me to take the step.  Kindle users let me know what you think about using the kindle and which one to purchase.

Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year and I will see you next year.