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No Obstacle Too Great


I recently read a non-fiction book by Mino Pavlic, called “No Obstacle Too Great”.  This man has been to hell and back and came out of his trials blessed by God.  This book can be an inspiration to anyone who thinks they have problems to deal with.  We all start out on the same path at birth but then everyone goes their own way, so to speak.

Mino was born in Austria, to Yugoslavian parents after they had escaped the war in Croatia.  The family immigrated into Canada where he remains today.  After traveling to Australia and Yugoslavia, the family returned to Canada.  After their return, his world began to fall apart.  His mother left, Mino and his brothers and was only seen sporadically.  Mino’s life went out of control like a run away train.  The next twenty-five years he lived the life of a criminal.  He became addicted to IV drugs, alcohol.  He spent many years in prison for one crime or another.

On top of everything else he dealt with, he was diagnosed with HIV and he knew it was a death sentence.   He said he was saved by a miracle: an exceptional and special woman.  Through her kindness, compassion, and tenderness, he has held onto his goals and inspirations.

I know more of his story, but he has not released it yet, but God has touched this man in a very special way.  He is living a healthy life, without a sign of active HIV.  He is also doing public speaking as a result of his memoirs.

If you want some inspiration in your life, read this book.  You won’t regret it.  That’s my two cents for today.