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Are they screwed up or what?


First of all, I want to state this is my opinion about what I feel is a shame for this country and the state of New Jersey. Secondly, my condolences go out to Whitney Houston’s family in their time of grief. It’s always hard to lose someone you love to early in their life.

The Whitney Houston funeral could be expected to be glamorous because of her talent and just because of who she was. What you shouldn’t have seen is a state flying the flag at half mast.  When did Whitney Houston become a hero, or serve her country in such a way as to give her that honor? As far as I’m concerned, the governor of that state who ordered the half mast should not be in office. His priorities are too skewed.  Has he been flying the flag at half mast for our soldiers who sacrificed  their life by fighting in a foreign country? I don’t live in that state and never will, but my guess is  “no he hasn’t”.

I posted awhile back how I thought this countries priorities are messed up. I used the sports world to illustrate what I was talking about. Salaries in the millions to play a ball game for people  to watch (gladiator sports), while we have starving families and people living on the streets. Now here is another example of screwed up priorities, flags flown at half-mast for the undeserving.  That act alone, shamed that state and this country. Save that half-mast flag for those who deserve it, not a singer with a drug problem.