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Political Emails


Hello, I am writing this morning about a topic that personally bothers me a great deal and that is “Political Emails”  I am not referring for ones that say Vote For Me.  I am referring to the ones that contain violence.  Today I recieved an email from an online friend that disturbed me a great deal.  Especially with the event that just occurred in Arizona.

This particular email with video showed Speaker Pilosi handing over the gavel, and then getting hit in the head with it.  It actually made me cringe.  I know my friend has very strong political views, but I was actually offended by that video.  it had nothing to do with political views, it was the violence it demonstrated.   I will be letting him know not to send me any more political emails.

I feel if we would all take a stand with our email friends and let them know about the violent, not funny video’s, or the word only  commentary’s that are supposed to be jokes  are not appreciated, it just might help change things for the better.  I would have a hard time believing I am the only person who finds this type of thing  on the offensive side.

We do have free speech in this country, so anyone has the right to send or say what they want.  I think it makes each one of us responsible for what we receive by email, as much as possible.   I for one am about to start fighting back.  I am going to start sending back polite notes asking not to receive any more political emails.  How about you?  Are you ready to try to stop this garbarge from circulating?  If you have more ideas, let’s talk about it.   That is my two cents for today.