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Have School Officals Lost Thier Minds?


Image by delgrosso via Flickr

Today I’m taking a short break from writing help.  I want to post about a topic that has blown my mind.  I was reading through a national magazine and found where a thirteen year old female student in Virginia was suspended for having controlled substances in her locker.  Right now your going “Good for them. That will protect the other students from the drugs.” Am I wrong?

This particular student had a bottle of doctor prescribed antibiotics in her locker.  They were prescribed for her acne.  The school officials determined she had hidden the controlled substance in her locker and place other students in danger and staff at risk.  I’m wondering at this point, where did their brains go?  Have they ever had one.

There was another Virginia student is in the process of  suspension because of holding a bag of oregano.  I guess the school board can’t tell the difference between herbs and POT.  Has everyone gone insane with this zero tolerance.  This student is an honors student with a very bright future ahead of him.

If I was a parent in the school system, I would be livid if this happened to my child.  No one uses any common sense anymore.  What about the trauma and heartache to everyone concerned?  I’m not an advocate of law suits but I would seriously think about getting the state’s attention.  Since they don’t appear to use their brains anymore, maybe the justice system can make them see the light.  I’m angry and I don’t even live in the state, it can happen anywhere.  What are your thoughts?

New Year Tradition and the First Post of 2011


It is  six pm here in Plano, and I knew I wanted to get my blog posted before it got to late.  I could not break my resolution to blog everyday, on the very first day.  I am going to blog about my favorite subject to talk about, my husband.

My husband has had his tail superglued to the sofa with a football game all afternoon.  My husband is a ball fanatic.  Let me explain.  He will watch anything that has a ball in play, no matter what the sport.  This fascination with a ball started as a young boy in Philadelphia.  He would go to a baseball game with his uncle and watch his team play.  As he grew up, he became involved with basketball.  He graduated from Wake Forest and was hooked on football.  Then he proceeded to attend The University of Virginia and bought season tickets for the football stadium for twenty-five years.  He also attend the ACC basketball tournament every year for over twenty-five years.

He gets into Hockey, and Lacrosse, golf.  What ever happens to be on the television.  Much to his disappointment I am not a sports fan.  I prefer to read books, knit, write, cook, anything but watching sports.  He can start at ten o’clock in the morning and keep watching until the last game goes off the air.  I think this makes me a sports widow or is it a ball widow?

I use to fuss at him, now I just go do my own thing and let him overdose all his wants.  There is a chance his work will be transferring him to Virginia.  His first words talking when telling me of the possible transfer where, “oh, if that happens I can get my season tickets back.”

Tonight he will break long enough from the bowl games to eat his black-eyed peas and sauerkraut and pork.  We are a blended couple, one from the North and one from the south.  That explains the mix of New Year tradition which quickly fits in between the ball games.

I hope everyone has a blessed 2011 and if there are any more ball widows, or men who would like to defend themselves, I would like to hear from you.