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I’m back and Ready to Write With Confusion


First of all let me give you an update on my dad, since he is the reason I stopped blogging for a while.  He is doing much better, is now able to walk around with constant oxygen running.  He has about twenty percent of his heart muscle functioning but the good Lord has seen fit to let us keep him for awhile longer.

Now on to the subject and hand.  My confusion over using comma‘s and conjunctions.  I thought I had a handle on the punctuation but not any more.  It seems comma’s aren’t used in fiction as they are elsewhere.  I always had been taught and everything I read says to use a comma before a conjunction.  Now I have multiple people telling me to take the comma’s out because comma’s are used to much.

It seems writing rules are not rules anymore.  I am beginning to come to the conclusion every writer does his own thing, and then the publisher  and editor comes along telling the writer how they want it to be punctuated.

I am interested in finding how what everyone else thinks and what they do when it comes to comma’s and conjunctions.

http://youtu.be/keZpj7PjNEo  Todays video is on the basic rules of comma usage.

So, You Want to Write Fiction.


We All Get There

Do you know what it takes to write fiction? Writing it down is the magic that sets everything into motion.  WRITE, WRITE, and WRITE, is the mantra  I have gathered from reading various “How To” books.

It has been recommended you set a particular time daily to write. “Force yourself to stick to a schedule.” is a quote out of Writing Fiction by Gotham Writer’s Workshop.   I personally write when I want to.  I do write something everyday, but it my not be on my novel.  I don’t want to take the pleasure out of my writing, because I have it scheduled to write everyday at ten in the morning, or seven in the evening.
Writing is a job and should be treated as a job, but my particular job, will have flexible scheduling.  The rational behind the schedule is to develop discipline.
I am a “free spirit writer,” at this point in time, but at some point I will have to become a disciplined editor.  One who will go through the writing with a fine tooth comb and make necessary changes.  Right now my mind is screaming, no ! no!  I can’t do that, everything I write is wonderful and important to the story. Considering I am the “free spirit writer” now  I am going to play “Scarlet O’Hara,” and deal with that another day.
Enjoy the Video, it has a lot to say.

I Am A Writer, Are You?


Being the person I am and now being a writer, I have to strive to improve myself everyday. I want to so the best job I can at what ever I am attempting to do. As far as writing goes, I have found myself learning from my writing friends and continuing to read. The daily learning keeps me going and also keeps writing for me very interesting.

I also know the longer you do something, the better it becomes because you have the experience it takes to do the job. I know in a year I will be in a different spot than I am today, as far as my writing abilities and understanding of the process.

Perseverance seems to be the name of the game. You can accomplish what ever you strive for if you don’t give up. I can see where giving up would be very easy. Writing is work, and you certainly don’t get quick results. I’ll just keep plugging along and eventually I will get to where I want to be. That’s life isn’t it?

I have been doing a lot of reading about other writers and how they struggle to put words on paper, or how to start the book they want to write. I compare them to myself and I wonder why…..I decided I wanted to write one day and I started writing. I did not make an outline, I did not struggle with what should be there.  My struggle was, and is with grammar.  All of those wonderful grammar rules.   It has been a long time since I was in school and there is a lot I do not remember.

Am I less a writer than they are? I don’t think so. I have come to believe that each of us have our stories inside and how we put them on paper doesn’t really matter. It may matter to the people who publish my work, but bottom line to me is you have the words on the paper. Everything else can be adjusted or rearranged to my liking. I have never thought of myself as a writer before, but I guess I am. I put words on paper and it’s been published. That makes me a writer….yeah me….

If you write a short story, you are a writer. That college papers I worked  so hard on, long ago and printed out for the instructor, I was a writer. I may not have been a well-known writer but I still qualified.

A lot has changed over the years, just not the fact that I am unknown to most of the world. For me I think that is just fine. I am having fun just doing what I am doing, and that is writing.