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Did I have an inspiration to write “The Tower”? No I can’t say, I did have. For some reason, I wanted to write and I sat down and started writing. The story had a mind of its own. One chapter led to another until it finished.

I have heard and read that some writers use outlines when then write their stories. I didn’t use one with “The Tower” and I am not using one with the current book I am writing “The Dobyns Chronicles”. I suppose that is why the stories take on a life of their own. I am not a structured person so this style of writing works very well for me.

My mind is constantly thinking of things to write, from poems to short stories. They don’t all get put down on paper. I guess mine is more of constant thoughts that I don’t remember long enough to put down on paper. It is like a dream you have had. You wake up and your mind remembers but then it just fades away.
I don’t know if everyone that writes has constant thoughts of writing or it is just my particular brain activity. I don’t guess it really matters, as long as you have writers and their creations.